Uses for Neodymium Magnets


People often ask us what neodymium magnets are used for.  Well, the answer is...just about anything. Besides many industrial uses, here are just some of the potential everyday uses for our incredibly strong magnets:

Collecting Space Dust on Mars

The NASA Jet Propulsion Lab uses neodymium magnets in each of the Mars Exploration Rovers. The magnets are used to collect space dust for examination during the mission.  Read more about it here: Mars Exploration Rover Mission - Magnets.  Joe Magneato in space!

In the picture at right, three sets of magnets are shown on a picture of the Spirit/Opportunity type of rover.  One set of two magnets is mounted on the front of the rover at an angle so that non-magnetic particles will tend to fall off.  These magnets are reachable for analysis by various instruments.

A second magnet is mounted on the top of the rover deck in view of the Pancam, next to the color calibration / sundial.  This magnet is strong enough to deflect the paths of wind-carried, magnetic dust.

A third set of magnets is carried by the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT). As the RAT grinds into martian rocks, scientists have the opportunity to study the properties of dust from these outer rock surfaces.

The earlier Pathfinder and later Curiousity rovers use similar magnet arrays for similar reasons.

Brochure Closures 
We have many customers that are professional printers that use our magnets as nifty closures for brochures, binders, boxes, and other presentation pieces. Usually a pair of magnets is used, but this can also be accomplished using one magnet and a matching steel piece. Two magnets have an attracting force that is about 1.5 times greater than the force between one magnet and a metal piece. Many different magnets can be used for this application, depending on the size of the piece and holding force desired. 

Be sure to check out our article about Adhesive Backed Magnets, which discusses a folder closure in detail. 

Recommended magnets: D401, D41, D501, D51, D601, D61, D701, D71, D801, D81, B4401, B441, B6301, B631, B661, B821, B841, B8801, B881.

A bunch or just a few of our smaller magnets (we recommend 1/8" to 3/8" sizes) can be entertaining for children and adults. People become mesmerized once they start playing with them. If given as gifts, our magnets are more often than not, the most played with toy after all the gifts are opened. It is truly amazing. Children should be under constant adult supervision when handling magnets as small magnets can present a choking hazard and should most definitely not be swallowed.

Welding Clamps 
If you need to hold two or more pieces of metal in place, a few of our cube or block magnets can be invaluable, whether it be for welding, drilling or machining.

Oil Filters
Our magnets are often used in oil pans, on oil filters or elsewhere to filter metal chips out of oil. Be aware that standard neodymium magnets will lose strength if heated over 178°F. If your application involves higher temperatures, see our D66SH (Super High Temp) cylinders or D82SH discs.

Stud Finders
Our super-powerful magnets are great for finding hidden nails in walls - exactly what stud finders do.

Locating Nails Under Flooring
Small spheres like our S4 work well to locate nails under tile, linoleum, hardwood and most other types of flooring.

Magnetic Therapy
While we can't say that magnetic therapy works or not, millions of people swear by it.  Choose the size depending on the body. 

Magic Tricks
Oh, the amazing things you can do with strong magnets.

Remagnetizing Old Magnets
Alnico horseshoe and bar magnets can become demagnetized if dropped, stored without a keeper, or by repelling other magnets.  Instead of throwing them out, you can remagnetize them using neodymium magnets.  Stroke the north pole of a strong neodymium magnet from the center of the alnico magnet to the south pole end of the horseshoe several times.  Then, stroke the south pole of the neodymium magnet from the center of the alnico magnet to the north end of the horseshoe several times.  This will recharge the worn out alnico magnet.  If you reverse the directions, you'll re-magnetize the horseshoe in the opposite orientation!  Check out our D4X0-ND to help identify the poles of your neodymium magnet.

Mag a Fishing Reel
Serious fishermen often modify their fishing reels to control the reel's spool in order to prevent a line overrun during casting, avoiding the tangled mess of line that sometimes happens on long casts. A Google search will turn up lots of sites that provide instructions for doing this. An example of practical science - Eddy currents at work.

Magnets can be used to secure a cache in place, as a treasure in a cache, or even to retrieve hard-to-get cache.

Holding Banners on Cars and Floats in a Parade
We have had many customers successfully use our magnets to hold banners and signs on cars and floats for a parade. Easy on and easy off.

Attaching Tracking Devices to Vehicles and Equipment
Our Mounting Magnets are often used to hold small GPS units on vehicles or equipment that need to be tracked. A few of them mounted on the unit will hold the unit in place and allow for easy removal.

Holding Spice Cans to the Side of Your Fridge
We've all seen the spice cans you can buy that stick to a fridge. Why buy 'em when you can easily make your own?

Trailer Hitch Rods
There are some commercially available rods sold that allow for easily locating the position of a trailer hitch and the tow ball. A magnet on the end of each rod allows easy attachment on the hitch and the ball, so the driver can see the exact position of each. They make hooking up a trailer much quicker and easier. Our Mounting Magnets work great for this.

Removing Dents from Brass Musical Instruments
Got a dent in your tuba? Fix it with a magnet. This is done by inserting a steel ball into the instrument of similar diameter to the thickness of where the dent is located.  A large magnet is then used to control the ball and work it to the dent.  Once in place, the ball can be rolled back and forth over the inside of the dent until the dent is worked out.

Warehouse Organization
Our MM-E Mounting Magnet Hooks are an excellent option for hanging signs from steel warehouse ceilings or beams, making them easy to install and rearrange as necessary. They are also excellent for holding signs and labels to steel shelving.

Levitation Experiments
Once thought impossible, permanent magnet levitation is now possible thanks to neodymium magnets and strongly diamagnetic materials. See ourLevitators Page for more info.

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